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Today, I will explain about Composite.


Let’s begin!

Let’s start!

The post-processing of the rendered image is called [Composite]. And it‘s the same as adding processing to a video in After Effects.

Generally, software such as After Effects and Photoshop is used for compositing, but Blender’s compositing function can be used for basic processing.

This time, I will try correcting the color of the rendered image as shown here.

Basics of composite

Set the workspace to [Compositing].

When editing a composite, be sure to check [Use Node]. If you check [Use Node], such a node will appear.

Composite in Blender is the same idea as building nodes in the shader editor.

The Render Layer node is the input for the rendered image, and the Composite node is the final output.

Thumbnail images are not displayed in the [Render Layer] node when rendering is not running.

You can render from this button.

When the rendering is finished, the thumbnail image will be displayed like this.

Check the output result

The output result can be displayed as a background.

Make sure that the [Background] button is blue.

Add a node. Press Shift + A and choose [Output]-[Viewer].

Connect to [Image] of the [Render Layer] node and [Image] of the [Viewer] node. Then the output will be displayed in the background.

Press Alt + V to enlarge the background image, and press V to reduce it. You can move the background image by moving the mouse while holding down Alt and the wheel button of the mouse.

You can also check the output by clicking the button on the top right of the [Composite] node.

How to assemble a node

The way to assemble a node is exactly the same as the way to assemble a shader node.

Press Shift + A and choose [Color]> [RGB Curve].

Insert the [RGB Curve] node between them to make the curve S-shaped.

You can also increase the Contrast like this

This is the end of the lecture about composite.


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