WORLD 03 Blender EN

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Today, I will explain about World


Let’s begin!

Let’s start!

World settings are divided into surfaces and worlds.

Surface settings

First of all, I will explain the setting of the surface.

To see the world, you need to be in render view.

① Open the [World] property.

(2) Set the surface from [Surface].

If you change the [Color], the background color will change.

Let’s try changing the [Strength].

The intensity of ambient light is changed.

Environment mapping using HDRI

With HDRI images, you can set a 360 – degree background like this. HDRI images has higher quality than regular images.

Cannon HDRI • Poly Haven
Download this free HDRI from Poly Haven

Download HDRI images from this site.

Download the 2K image.

The better the image quality is, the slower the operation in Blender is. Make sure you choose the right size.

Now let’s apply the HDRI image. Click the yellow circle in [Color].

Select [Environment Texture].

Click [Open].

Select the HDRI image you downloaded ago and click [Open Image.]

The HDRI image has been applied like this!

The 360 ​​degree background is set.

Volume settings

Next, I will set the volume.

With the volume setting, you can apply smoke or fog to the space.

From the [Shader Editor], set the shader type to [World].

Press Shift + A and choose Shader> Volume Scatter.

Connect the [Volume Scatter] node to [Volume] on the [World Output] node.

You can change the fog density from [Density].

The higher the [Density] is, the harder it is to see the object.

This is the end of the explanation about World.


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