CAMERA 03 Blender EN

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Today, I will explain about Camera


Let’s begin!

Let’s start!

Add camera

In the default state, the camera is already in place.

To add a new camera, press Shift + A and select [Camera].

Active camera settings

You can add multiple cameras, but only one camera is used during rendering, and the camera used during this rendering is called the [Active Camera].

The triangle at the top of the [Active Camera] is filled with black, while in inactive cameras, the triangle is not filled.

Active camera settings:

① Select the camera you want to activate

(2) Select [View]> [Camera Settings]> [Set Active Object as Camera].

Switch to Camera view

You can switch to the camera viewpoint by pressing the 0 key.

Camera settings

Now, I will explain the camera settings from the Camera object properties

Focal length

[Focal length] zooms the camera. The larger the focal length is, the wider the telephoto is, and the smaller the focal length is, the wider the angle is.


Let’s move the rendering position. Please note that the position of the camera has not changed!

Angle setting

Next is setting the camera angle.

Set the current viewpoint to the camera viewpoint

Select View> Align View> Align Active Camera to View.

In this way, you can specify the viewpoint in the [3D Viewport] as the camera viewpoint.

Fix camera to view

Open the [View] tab from the sidebar (N key) and check [Camera to View].

You can change the camera angle by moving the mouse while holding down the mouse wheel.

After changing the camera angle, uncheck [Camera to View].

Camera track function

Let’s make sure that the camera always follows the object in this way.

This feature is useful when creating animations.

Click [Add Object Constraint] from [Object Constraint Properties].

Select [Track To].

Then a blue line will be added like this. This blue line is the direction the camera is tracking.

Select Cube as the Target.

Then, even if you move the position of the camera, the camera will always follow the [Cube].

Depth of field setting

By setting the Depth of field, you can focus on the object or blur the object.

First, check [Depth of field] from [Object data properties].

Select the object to focus on from [Focus on Object].

In this way, if you change the object to focus on, except the objects in focus the left all will become blurry.

[Focus distance] can also be set value.

Empty [Focus on Object].

You can change the focus distance in this way.

Camera aperture

The aperture of camera can be set from [F – stop].

In this way, the smaller the [F – stop] is, the greater the blur is.

This is the end of the explanation about Camera.


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