LIGHTING 03 Blender EN

Hello everyone!

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Today, I will explain about Lighting


Let’s begin!

Let’s start!

Render mode in 3D Viewport

In order to display the light emitted by the light, [3D Viewport] must be set to [Render] display.

Add light

In the default state, [Light] is already installed.

This time, we will delete the default light.

You can add a light item by pressing Shift + A and choose Light

Light settings

Light settings are made from [Light] in [Object Data Properties] tab.


Set the color of the light emitted from here.

You can create different atmosphere just by changing the color of the light.


Next, Let’s adjust the intensity of light.

[Power] may be too small with the light added.

Please note that the power of light is too low can be a cause of not seeing the light even though they have been added for the beginners.

If you increase [Power] in this way, the intensity of light will be increased.


In the [Specular], you can set the intensity of the reflected light of the object.

In this way, it can be seen that the closer the [Specular] value is to 1, the more increased the reflection of light from the plane is.

Type of light

To switch type of light, select [Light] in [Object Data Properties].

The appropriate amount of [Power] depends on the type of light. Therefore, be sure to adjust the [Power] when switching the light.


This is the [Point] light. Light will be emitted from one point. Therefore, you cannot specify the direction of the light.


This is the [Sun] light. The [Sun] light emits light evenly in the specified direction. It is used when installing the sunlight.


This is the [Spot] light. You can specify the direction and angle of light emission.


The [Area] light emits light from the specified surface.

This is the end of the explanation about Lighting.


How is everyone doing?

How is everyone doing?

See you again for the next lecture!

See you soon! Bye bye!