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Today I will explain about Edit weights.


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What is a weight?

Weight is the feature that indicates the influence of Armature on Mesh. And we can set the Weight for each bone.

Tin object mode, check the weights, select the robot and click [ Weights Paint] from the toggle menu at the top left of the 3D viewport.

When you select a bone name from the vertex group of the [object data properties], the degree of weight in each bone is displayed by color-coding. The bluer the color is, the smaller the effect is, and the reder the color is, the greater the effect is.

Editing weights in weight paint mode

Next, I will explain how to edit weights in weight paint mode.

In the [Weight Paint] mode, select the Shoulder.L bone from the vertex group of [object data properties].

Then, you can see that the object in the top left of the body is affected by the bones like this. To fix this, let’s use a brush to weight paint the model.

Click [Active Tools and Workspace Settings] to open Brush Settings. Weight can be set from 0 to 1.

1 is the red value that represents the strongest effect. This time, set this value to 0.

[Radius] is the size of the brush radius, and [Strength] is the size of the brush’s influence when applied.

At [Blend] select Mix. If you select [Mix], you can overcoat the set weight value regardless of the original weight. In addition, no matter how many layers are applied, the weight will not exceed the set value.

After setting the brush, open [Symmetry] and select X in [Mirror]. This allows the edited weights to be reflected in the X-axis symmetric object.

After that, you can fill the weights with a brush on the 3D viewport. When the editing is complete, the effect of the arm bones on the body can be completely eliminated.

Editing weights in edit mode

Next, I will explain how to use the edit mode to edit weights.

Select the robot, switch to edit mode and select the mesh where you want to edit. This time, select the mesh around the top left of the body as before.

Select the appropriate bone name from the vertex group of the object data property.

Set the weight value to 0 and click [Assign]. This completes the weight editing.

Looking at it in weight paint mode, we were able to eliminate the effect of the arm bones on the body as before.

This is the end of the lecture on how to edit weights.


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