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Today I will explain about material links.


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Material link

Prepare a cube and sphere object, apply the green material to the cube object.

① Select the sphere object.

② Click this button.

③ Select the green material you has applied to the cube object .

In this way, the green material is also applied to the sphere object.

This number represents the number of objects linked to the material.

In this state, the green material is linked to both the cube and the sphere object.

If you click on this number the link will be canceled and we can apply another material to the cube and sphere object.

Save material without links

From the status, the green material is applied to the cube, and the red material is applied to the sphere, change the material applied to the cube to the red material.

In this way, the red material is applied to the cube and sphere objects

The green material will have no links on any of the objects, but the information will remain.

Materials without links it will be show the number [0] in front of.

In this state, the material will be deleted as soon as Blender is closed.

If you want to save the material, you need to click this button to enable it before the material link disappears.

When the button was enabled , the material name will be show [F] in front of like this.

In this state, even if you exit Blender without a link, you don’t have to worry about the material being deleted.

Remove unlinked material

Materials without links will be deleted automatically when you exit Blender, but this time I will try deleting the material with the file still open.

Change the display in [Outliner] from [View Layer] to [Orphan Data].

In [Orphan data], you can display data without links. If you expand the [Material] item, you can see the material without the link.

Right-click on the material you want to delete and it will bring up a context menu, if you selected [Delete], you can permanently delete the material.

You also can make orphan data like a fake user

This is the end of the lecture about material links.


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