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Today, I will explain how to split /separate and join mesh.


Let’s begin!

Let’s start!

Split mesh

First, let’s splitting the mesh!

Select the face on which you want to split the mesh.

Click the mesh button, then click “Selection” from “Split”.

The selected face can be divided and moved in this way.

If you switch to the object mode, you can see that the divided face is also the same object as the original object. The outliner display is also displayed as a single object.

Separate Object

Next, I will explain how to separate object!

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In the same way, select the faces where you want to separate.

Click the mesh button, and then click “Selection” from “Separate”.

The separated faces are displayed with a red frame like this, and you can see that they are displayed as different objects by looking at the outliner.

Join Object

Next let’s join the separated objects!

In object mode, hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and select two separate objects.

Select “Join” from the object button.

In this way, the objects have been joined into one object. If you look at the outliner, you can see that there is only one object.

Rip Region

Next, I will explain the “Rip Region” that cuts through the vertices!

Select the Rip Region tool on the toolbar and switch to Vertex Select.

You can tear an object by selecting a vertex and dragging it with the mouse like this.

Merge mesh

Next, I will explain how to merge meshes!

First, prepare such a subdivided object in edit mode like this.

Click Vertex Select with the Box Select tool and select the vertices .

Click the mesh button and select “Merge”-“At Center”.

You can merge the selected vertices in this way.

Connection of vertices

Next, I will explain how to connect two vertices!

Prepare such an object and use the Box Select tool to select two vertices while holding down the Shift key on your keyboard.

From the Vertex button, select Connect Vertex Path.

You can connect the two vertices selected in this way.


Next, I will explain how to connect the edges with a bridge!

First, prepare a cylindrical object like this and set the number of vertices to 20.

Add a mesh to the center of the object with the loop cut tool.

Switch to face select with the box select tool and select the top face.

You can expand the selection by pressing Ctrl + [+] key of the Numpad, so you can select objects in this way.

You can split the selection by clicking “Split” -“Selection” from the mesh button.

Move the object divided by the move tool in this way along the Z axis.

Switch the viewpoint to the front viewpoint by pressing 1 key of the numpad.

After switching to the edge select and choose box select tools, drag with the mouse in this way to select the divided edges.

However, in this state, only one side can be selected, so press Ctrl + Shift + M keys and select the other side with mirror selection.

Click the Edge button and select “Bridge Edge Loops”.

In this way, I was able to connect the sides with a bridge.

You can transform the object in this way by changing the number of cuts and changing the profile factor.

We can also choose the shape to transform into Linear, Sharp Smooth, … in the Profile Shape.

This is the end of the lecture on how to how to split /separate and join mesh!


How is everyone doing?

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