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Today, I will explain how to cut mesh.


Let’s begin!

Let’s start!

Loop cut

Add edges with loop cut

You can add such looped edges to an object by selecting “Loop Cut” on the toolbar in edit mode.

You can change the position of the edge like this by dragging the mouse when adding the edge with the loop cut.

Create a face from an edge with the bevel tool

You can also create a face from an edge like this by selecting the “Bevel” tool after creating the edge.

Slide the edge to move

Next, I will explain how to slide and move the added edge!

Choose Select box tool, click the edge select button, and select one edge.

You can select edges around the object by clicking “Select Loop” or “Edge Loops” from the select button.

In this state, you can freely slide and move the edges by selecting “Edge Sides” on the toolbar.

Knife cut

Next, I will explain about knife cutting!

Select the Knife Cut tool on the toolbar.

You can add meshes to the object by clicking on it like this.

When you have finished adding the mesh, press the Enter key to confirm.


Next, I will explain how to bisect an object!

First, press the A key on your keyboard to select the entire object. Select the “Bisect” tool on the toolbar.

By dragging the object with the mouse, you can add a mesh that divides the object into two at any position like this.

When the mesh is added, you can drag the gizmo to freely move the mesh that is divided into two parts like this.

Click the button at the bottom left to set the details of the two divisions.

If you check “Clear inner”, the objects inside will be deleted like this.

If you check “Clear outer”, the outer object will be deleted like this.

If you check “Fill”, you can put a face on the side divided in this way.


Next, I will explain how to subdivide an object!

With all objects selected, select “Subdivide” from the edge button.

The object has been subdivided.

You can set the subdivision details from this button at the bottom left.

You can change the number of cuts here.

You can transform the object in this way by increasing the smoothness value.

You can transform the object in this way by increasing the fractal value.


Next, I will explain how to un-subdivide the object divided by subdivision to the original state!

If you select “Un-subdividet” from the edge button with all the split objects selected.

You can un-subdivide the objects splited like this.

* Please note that objects with a large number of divisions cannot be restored to their original state.

This is the end of the lecture on how to cut mesh!


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