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Today, I will explain how to select mesh.


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Vertex selection

To select a mesh, select the object and use the Tab key on your keyboard to switch to edit mode.

You can select the vertices of the object by clicking “Vertex Select” at the top left of the 3D view.

Edge selection

In the same way, you can select the edge of the object by clicking “Edge Select”.

Face selection

You can select the face of the object by clicking “Face Select”.

Select multiple faces

You can select multiple faces by holding down the Shift key while selecting.

Select the shortest distance between the two faces

You can also select the face with the shortest distance between the two faces by holding down the Ctrl key and selecting the mesh of the two faces.

Loop selection

While holding down the Alt key while clicking the mouse to select, we can select the surrounding faces like this.

Select all meshes

You can select all the meshes of the object you are editing by pressing the A key on your keyboard.

Select with the lasso selection tool

By clicking the select lasso tool on the toolbar, you can select the mesh surrounded by a lasso in this way.

Various selection methods

Here I will introduce other ways to choose Mesh.

Click the select button on the upper left of the 3D view.

Invert selection

You can invert the mesh selection by clicking Invert from the select button.

Random selection

You can randomly select a mesh by clicking “Select Random” from the select button.

Similar selection

By clicking “Select Similar ” from the select button, you can select the same materials or select meshes on the same plane.

Scaling your selection

You can scale the selection by clicking “Select More/Less” from the select button. You can do the same with the Ctrl key on the keyboard and the [+] and [-] keys on the Numpad.

Mirror selection

Click “Mirror Selection” from the select button to invert the selection based on the coordinate axes. Also, if you check Extend, you can select meshes on both sides based on the coordinate axes.

This is the end of the lecture about how to select mesh!


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