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Today, I will explain how to add objects and switch modes


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Add new object

When you start Blender, the cube object is created by default like this. First, let’s delete this object.

Make sure to select the cube.

Once you have selected it, press Delete on your keyboard to delete it.

When the object is deleted, only the “3D cursor” is displayed in the center.

Keep in mind that this 3D cursor will be the center position when adding a new object.

You can create the other objects by clicking the “Add” button in the upper left of the 3D viewport.

Here, select “Mesh” and then choose “UV Sphere”.

You have created a new UV sphere object like this.

Alternatively, you can add a new object from a keyboard shortcut by pressing Shift + A on your keyboard, selecting “Mesh” then selecting “Cube”.

As you can see the new object is created around the 3D cursor, it will be displayed overlapping the object created.

If you select the Move tool with the object selected, the object will display the coordinates of the red X-axis, green Y-axis, and blue Z-axis.

You can move the object on the Y axis in this way by dragging the green Y axis.

Change the value of the added object

When adding a new object, in the lower left of the 3D Viewport there will be a menu displayed to adjust the values ​​for the object.

You can move the object, rotate it, change the number of vertices, and the size of the object by changing the value from here.

* Please note that this menu is displayed only when an object is added.

Mode switching

With the object selected, you can model the selected object by switching from the “Object mode” to “Edit mode”.

① When you switch to Edit Mode, the toolbar menu will appear with more tools that can only be used while in Edit Mode.

② Use The vertex select, edge select, and face select buttons shown here to select a point, edge, or plane on the Object.

You can also switch between edit mode and object mode by pressing the Tab key on your keyboard.

In addition to Edit Mode, there are other modes such as “sculpt mode”, “vertex paint”, “weight paint”, and “texture paint”.

That is a lecture on how to add objects and switch modes!


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