HOW TO SET ADD-ONS 02 Basic operation

Hello everyone!

I’m Ayana, a Vtuber!

Today, I will explain how to set add-on.


Let’s begin!

Let’s start!

This time, let’s install an add-on called “shortcut vur” that displays Blender key operations and mouse operations on the screen as an example!

First, search for “shortcut vur” on Google and click on the GitHub site that appears at the top to open it.

GitHub - jayanam/shortcut_VUr: Blender mouse and keyboard input viewer
Blender mouse and keyboard input viewer. Contribute to jayanam/shortcut_VUr development by creating an account on GitHub.

When the site opens, click the Code button and click “Download ZIP” to download the ZIP file.

From Edit tab in the header menu, click Preferences to open it.

Open the Add-ons tab and click the Install button.

Select the ZIP file you downloaded and click “Install Add-on”.

If you search by name, the installed add-on will be displayed, so check it to enable it.

This add-on isn’t enabled just by checking it, so open the sidebar and click this tab.

① Click this button to enable the add-on and display the mouse operation on the screen.

②You can also change the position where key operations and mouse operations are displayed here.

That is the lecture about how to install Add-on.


How is everyone doing?

Did you understand today’s lecture?

See you again for the next lecture!

See you soon! Bye-bye!