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Today, I will explain how to import/export and sketch settings!


Let’s begin!
Let’s start!

Export in OBJ format

First, let’s prepare such an object and export it.

Select Export from File in the header menu and select the “.obj” format.

After selecting the save destination folder, enter the file name and click “Export OBJ” to export the object in obj format.

To make it easier to understand, delete all the objects and leave them empty.

Click the triangle mark to the left of the collection in the outliner to close the collection. In this state, right-click and select “Delete Hierarchy” to delete all objects once.

Import in OBJ format

Similarly, select Import from File in the header menu and select the “.obj” format.

Select the obj format file you exported and click “Import OBJ”.

As you can see, the file in OBJ format has been imported already.

Sketch settings

Next, I will explain the settings of the sketch.

Wrong sketch placement

Please note that the position where the sketch is placed reflects the angle of the 3D view currently displayed on the screen.

For example, let’s place a sketch in such a 3D view.

Click the “Add” button at the top left of the 3D viewport and select “Image” – “Background”.

Select the sketch you want to load and click the “Load background image” button.

In this way, the sketch is placed in front of the diagonal object, so delete the sketch from the outliner .

Correct sketch placement

Click the view button and select “Viewpoint” -“Front” to switch the view to the front view. The same operation can be performed by pressing 1 on the Numpad to change the “front” viewpoint.

In this state, if you select “Background” from “Image” of the “Add” button, you can correctly place the sketch on the object in front like this.

Next, we will make detailed settings for the sketch.

With the sketch selected, open the Object Properties tab of the Properties window and set the depth to Front to place the sketch in front of the object in this way.

Set the opacity of the sketch

Also, if you check “Transparency” and lower the value of “Opacity”, you can make the sketch transparent in this way.

Next, let’s arrange the sketch when viewed from the side! As before, select “Right” from the “Viewpoint” of the view button. You can also change the “Right” viewpoint by pressing 3 on the Numpad.

Arrangement of sketches with alpha channel (transparency)

In the same way, select “Background” from “Image” of the “Add” button.

This time I will select a png format file with an alpha channel and a transparent part, then click the “Load background image” button to load it.

You can place a sketch that is transparent in the alpha channel like this by opening the Object Properties tab of the Properties window and setting the depth to “Front”.

Place one sketch on both sides

Also, if “Side” is set to “Both”, one sketch can be automatically flipped horizontally and placed.

As before, select “Left” from the “Viewpoint” of the view button and switch the viewpoint from the left, and you can see that the sketch is arranged like this.

That is the lecture of import / export and sketch settings.


How is everyone doing?

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