LANGUAGE AND PREFERENCE SETTINGS 01 Installation and settings / screen configuration

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Today, I will explain about change language and preference settings.


Let’s begin!

Let’s start!

I will explain how to change the display language of Blender’s interface and detailed settings.

Language Setting

Select “Preferences” from “Edit” on the menu bar to open.

Open the “Interface” tab and select the language you want to change from Translation

After selecting the language, make sure that “Tooltip”, “Interface” and “New data” are checked.

Change interface resolution

You can change the resolution of the interface by changing the resolution scale value on the Interface tab.

Change theme

Next, I will explain how to change the interface color from the “Theme” tab.

You can change the color of the text displayed in this way by selecting “User Interface” – “Tools” from “Theme” and changing the color of the “text”.

Rotate the 3D view with Alt + left mouse drag

Next, if you check “Emulate 3-button mouse” from the “Input” tab, you can be configured to work with pointing devices which do not have a middle mouse button

You can rotate the 3D view like this by holding the Alt key +drag the left mouse.

This operation is the same as when you drag the middle mouse button

Change the “undo Steps” to undo the operation

You can change the number of undoing to undo the operation by changing the “Undo Step” on the “System” tab. If the default setting is 32 times, it may not be possible to return to the desired position during modeling, so you should increase the number of undoing as necessary.

Save preferences

You can save your preferences by clicking the three-line button at the bottom left of the Preferences dialog. By default, “Save preferences automatically” is checked, so the preferences will be saved automatically.

The lecture about change language and preference settings is ending right here!


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