HOW TO SET UP 3D LAYER 02 After Effects EN

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By using the 3D layer, you can treat layers that were previously two-dimensional on the X axis and the Y axis as three-dimensional layers on the X axis, Y axis, and Z axis.

Change to 3D layer

Prepare Layer

First, place the material layer on the timeline panel.

In this case, we will create and use a text layer.

If you check the Transform property, you can see that the values of properties such as Anchor Point, Position, and Scale are displayed in two dimensions: X-axis and Y-axis.”

Display Switches

Before applying the 3D layer, if the switch column does not appear on the timeline panel, click Expand or Collapse the Layer Switches pane button at the bottom left to display the switches.

Change to 3D Layer

To change a layer to a 3D layer, click the 3D Layer button of this layer to turn it ON.

Z-axis value is added

When turning on 3D layer, Z-axis value is added to every property.

When you select a 3D layer on the composition panel, the X-axis, Y-axis, and Z-axis are displayed with arrows like this.

Material Options is added

When applying the 3D layer, Material Options is added to the property. You can adjust the texture of the 3D layer by adding lights, shadow, etc.

Change from 3D Layer to 2D Layer

If you click the 3D layer button again, you can turn off the 3D layer and return it to the 2D layer.

When the 3D layer button is turned off, the Material Options properties and Z-axis values will no longer be displayed.

This is the end of the lecture on how to set up the 3D layer!


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