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Today, I will explain how to apply Motion Blur !


Let’s begin!

Let’s start!

The effect of blurring an object with fast-moving animation is called Motion Blur.

Preparation for applying Motion Blur

First, in order to apply motion blur, it is necessary to create a fast motion.

Set the keyframes between frames in the Position property of the shape layer short to create a quick motion.

After creating the animation, press the Play button on the Preview panel to see how the movement looks like.

This is how it looks like before applying the Motion Blur. Now we will apply Motion Blur to make it smooth!

Set up Motion Blur

Method 1:Apply Motion Blur

Apply Motion Blur to Shape Layer

To apply Motion Blur, click this button to turn on Motion Blur on the layer you want to apply. Then click the same button on the timeline panel to turn it on.

After applying Motion Blur to the shape layer, let’s preview it!

As you can see, the shape layer blurs and animates smoothly like this way.

Adjust the value of the Motion Blur

To change the value of the Motion Blur, right-click on the composition in the project panel and click Composition Settings.

The composition settings dialog will be displayed, so you can change the Motion Blur value in the Advanced tab.

If you increase the value of th Shutter Angle , the blur value will also increase.

Method 2 : Apply Pixel Motion Blur

Next, we will explain how to apply Pixel Motion Blur!

Apply Pixel Motion Blur for Shape Layer

First, if you applied Motion Blur to the shape layer, click this button in the timeline again to turn it off.

Select the Shape layer, then from the Effects & Preset panel -> Time -> select the Pixel Motion Blur, and apply it to the Shape layer by dragging & dropping.

If you play it in the preview panel, it will appear like this. Motion Blur and Pixel Motion Blur look the same, but Pixel Motion Blur can detect pixels and blur moving images taken by cameras.

Adjust the value of the Pixel Motion Blur

With the Shape layer selected, change the blur value in the Pixel Movement Blur in the Effect control panel.

The greater the Shutter Angle, the greater the blur, and the smoother the blur is.

This is the end of the lecture on how to apply Motion Blur!


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