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Today, I will explain on Pre-compose!


Let’s begin!

Let’s start!

There are multiple layers in a composition. Sometimes, you may want to move or apply effects to layers as a group. In such cases, use the “pre-compose” feature.

Definition of Pre-compose

The After Effects project had a nested structure in which there was a composition in the project and a layer in the composition.You can add more components within this composition.In other words, there is a mix of layers and composition in the composition.

“Pre-compose” is used to group layers before editing.

In this way, you can move layers and apply effects to layers as a group.

How to create pre-compose

Let’s create a pre-composition!

Select the layers you want to group into one. This time, I will pre-compose these three layers.

From Layer in the Men ->select Pre-compose.

This will bring you to the Pre-compose setting screen. Basically, it is similar to create a new composition.

Enter a name in the New Composition Name and click the OK button.

The selected layers have been grouped into one composition!

The display of Pre-Composition

Double-click this Pre-composition to open it!

The contents of the composition appear in a new tab in the Timeline panel. If you checked Open New Composition on the pre-composition setting screen, this tab will be displayed.

Please be assured that you will be able to return to the working tab in the timeline of the composition!

When there are multiple pre-compose, the composition will become complicated and it is difficult to move between them.

In that case, press the “Tab on the keyboard. A mini chart representing the hierarchy of the composition will be displayed!

Move between components easily by using the arrow keys or clicking on a node.

This concludes my explanation on Pre-compose!


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