HOW TO SHOW / HIDE LAYER 02 After Effects EN

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Today, I will explain how to how to show/ hide layer.


Let’s begin!

Let’s start!

If you edit with After Effects, there will be a lot of layers and this may become difficult to see. At times like that, use the Shy Layer button to hide unnecessary layers and make the timeline panel easier to see!

Set up Shy Layer

Click the [Shy] icon in the layer to turn on this function.

You can also turn on Shy funtion of multiple layers.

Just by pressing the Shy button, the layer will not be hidden. So if you want to hide the Shy layer, you must click the Shy button in the Timeline panel.

In this way, the Shy layer will be hidden.
Hiding the Shy Layer on the Timeline panel does not affect the display in the Composition panel. The shy button is only a function to make it easier to see the display on the timeline.

If you click the Shy button in the Timeline panel again to turn off it, you can see the Shy layers are displayed again.

Hide the layers in the composition panel

Now let’s hide the layers on the composition panel!

By clicking this eye-shaped button, you can hide the layer from displaying in the composition panel.

In this way, only the layer with the eye-shaped button turned on will be displayed in the composition panel.

Display only selected layers

Next, let’s display only the selected layers!

First, select only the layer you want to view.At this time, you can select multiple layers by pressing Shift key and clicking simultaneously.

I chose only the After Effects logo here.

After selecting Layer, from Layer in the menu ->click Switch -> choose Hide Other Video.

Only the selected layers are displayed, and the other layers are hiden!

You can see that except for the selected layers, all the other ones are hidden.

This is the end of the explanation on how to show and hide layers!


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