01 After Effects Basic Operations and Preferences

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Today, I will explain the Project Panel.


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In After Effects, imported material data is called “footage.”

The project panel displays the list of footage, and you can edit them by selecting them here.

The display of Project Panel

The project panel appears when After Effects is started or when a new project is created.

This is the Project Panel.

①If you select the imported material, although it is not opened, we can see its content through this small screen.

②When you import multiple footage into the project panel, they appear in the list like this.

We can create, delete compositions and folders, and change footage by the buttons at the bottom left of the project panel.

Change the display items in the project panel

To change the items displayed in the project panel, click the three-line mark on the right of the Project tab.

Click Column and check the items you want to display.

Change Project setting

You can change the overall project settings, such as rendering, frame rate, audio, etc., by clicking the three-line mark on the right side of the Project tab and clicking on Project Settings.

When the Project Settings window opens, you can change the frame rate by clicking the Time Display Style tab.

This frame rate applies to the entire project. Be careful not to confuse it with the frame rate setting in the composition setting!

This concludes the explanation of the project panel!


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