01 After Effects Basic Operations and Preferences

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Today, I will explain how to set frame rate and start frame.


Let’s begin!

Let’s start!

The frame rate and starting frame position vary depending on the type of video.

Be sure to check it out before you start working!

Change the frame rate

From Edit > Preferences > Import

You can specify the frame rate for imported materials in the [Sequence footage].

Generally, 30 frames per second is OK

You can also change the frame rate after importing.

In the Project panel, right-click on the material you want to change the frame rate for and select [Interpret Footage] >[Main].

This window will appear, so you can change it from Frame Rate > [Conform to frame rate].

Start Frame setting

By default, the start frame in the Timeline panel is “0” when you create the composition.

From [File] > choose [Project setting]

If you check [Frames] and change [Frame Count] from [Timecode Conversion] to [Start at 1], the timeline starts from 1 frame!

Another way to start the timeline from frame 1 is by changing the [Start Timecode] of [Composition settings] to 1 frame.

However, this way applies only to the selected composition.

Also, after setting to start from frame 1 in Composition Settings, if you change to the [Project Settings] to [Start from 1] , the composition will start from frame 2.

Therefore, to set Start frame for the entire After Effects, let’s set in Project Settings instead of the Composition Settings!

You can now set the frame rate and start frame!


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