01 After Effects Basic Operations and Preferences

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Today, I will explain how to change Preferences Settings in After Effects.


Let’s begin!

Let’s start!

To open the After Effects Preferences window, click Edit on Menu bar > Preferences > select General.

Auto Save Setting

Video editing software often puts a heavy load on your computer. In some cases, after effects may crash suddenly and be terminated.

After Effects has the Auto Save function in case of such trouble, so set it up!

From Edit- Preferences – General – Click Auto Save. Check [Save every] and set the Save every as to how many minutes you want to save.

The shorter the interval, the better, but the larger the data capacity.

[Maximum Project Versions] is the number of project files to be saved automatically.

Previews setting

Next, set the resolution for playing video in the workspace.

Open the Preview tab within Preferences.

If you increase the [Adapative Resolution Limit], the preview image will be clear, but it will be a burden on the PC, so please set it according to the specifications of the PC.

Media& Disk Cache Setting

Next, I’m going to set up the Media&Disk Cache!

In After Effects, Media&Disk Cache is a very important factor in improving work performance.

From Preferences -> select media& Disk Cache

①Check [Enable Disk Cache] to enable disk caching.

②In [Maximum Disk Cache Size], make sure to set the same size as the memory installed in your computer!

Click [Choose Folder] to select the folder in which to save the cache.

I recommend setting the cache folder to a high-performance hard disk!

Memory setting

Video editing software such as After Effects uses a lot of memory.So let’s set up how much memory it can use!

From Preferences -> select Memory tab

① You can set the amount of RAM to be used for other applications in [RAM reserved for other applications]

② Ram available for : This is the RAM installed in the PC minus the RAM used by other applications. Here you can choose other applications from Adobe (besides After Effects) such as Photoshop…

For example, suppose your computer has 16GB of memory, you set the RAM reserved for other applications to 10GB, and you select only After Effects as the RAM available for the next product. In that case, the size of the memory used for After Effects is 6GB.

Appearance Setting

From Preference ->select Appearance tab

You can change the brightness of your workspace by moving the [Brightness] slider as you like!

Now you know how to change the After Effects Preferences settings!


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