01 Premiere Pro EN

Hello everyone!

I’m Ayana, a Vtuber!

Today, I will explain how to export files with Media Encoder.


Let’s begin!

Let’s start!

If you use Adobe’s software called Media Encoder, this allows you to export multiple files at the same time.

Now we will try exporting YouTube and Facebook videos at the same time using Media Encoder!

Export video for YouTube and Facebook simultaneously

Operation with Premiere Pro

Export Settings

From Menu bar->select File ->select Export ->Select Media to open Export Settings box.

① Select format「H.264」, Preset「YouTube 1080p Full HD」.

② Click the Queue button

After clicking Queue, the Media Encoder program will automatically run. Now we will operate the Media Encoder !

Operation with Media Encoder

Copy export settings

The file we want to export was added to the Queue panel. Press the Duplicate button to copy export settings.

Change Preset

I will continue to change the duplicate exporting settings! Leave the format [H.264]. Change the preset to Facebook 1080p Full HD.

Start Queue

Now you have completed the settings of two files! Finally, click Start Queue in the upper right hand corner to start Queue.

Confirm the status of encoding

You can check the progress in the Encoding panel!

Export multiple sequences at the same time

Next, I will introduce how to export multiple sequences at the same time!

Select multiple sequences

Press Ctrl and click multiple sequences at the same time.

Export Media

Right click the selected sequence, from the drop-down list-> select Export Media.

Select Queue

Unlike before, the Export Settings without a preview screen will be displayed. Click the Queue button when the export setting is decided upon.

Export multiple sequences at the same time

Multiple sequences were added to the Queue panel! Click Start Queue to start the Queue progress.

This concludes my explanation on how to use the 「Media Encoder」!


How is everyone doing?

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