01 Premiere Pro EN

Hello everyone!

I’m Ayana, a Vtuber!

Today, I will explain how to customize export file settings.


Let’s begin!

Let’s start!

Export Sequence

Select Sequence to export

If there are multiple sequences, select the sequence that you want to export.

Select Media

From File -> Select Export -> Select Media

Export Settings

Export Settings Window

Export Settings Window will be shown in this way!

Select Format

Select Format「H.264」.

Select Preset

We will select Preset suitable for our purpose!

Bitrate Settings

In Video tab, take a look at Bitrate Settings !

Bitrate is the data size per second.The higher the target bit rate, the higher the image quality, but the larger the data size.

“Bitrate Encoding” comprises CBR and VBR. Let’s think of CBR as image quality priority and VBR as data size priority. In VBR there are two types: 1 Pass and 2 Pass. Compared to 1 Pass, 2 Pass is more accurate.

When checking at Import Into Project, the videos exported will be imported into the project panel.

You can predict the file size of the video to be exported from Estimated File Size.

Select Image Overlay

At Image Overlay in Effect tab, you can add a logo mark when exporting a video. At Applied, select Choose to select the image you want.

Publish tab

On the Publish tab, you can set to publish and upload videos to Youtube at the same time.

This concludes my explanation on how to customize the export file settings!


How is everyone doing?

Did you understand today’s lecture?

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