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Hello everyone!

I’m Ayana, a Vtuber!

Today, I will explain how to edit with Essential Sound.


Let’s begin!

Let’s start!

By using Essential Sound, even beginners who don’t know much about audio can easily edit audio!

If you’re editing a YouTube video, you can produce a good quality video just by editing audio with Essential Sound!

Display Essential Sound

Window -> Select Essential Sound

From Window -> select Essential Sound.

Display of Essential Sound

In this way, the Essential Sound panel will be displayed.

Apply Essentials Sound

Prepare BGM audio và narration file

①It’s a narration clip.

②It’s a BGM clip.

Select Audio Type

At Audio Type, select Dialogue

After selecting the narration clip, at Essential Sound, select Dialogue.

At Audio Type, select Music

Similarly, click at BGM audio clip, then select Music at Essential Sound.

Adjust sound balance with Loudness

Tick at Loudness

You can balance the sound by using the “Loudness” function. Tick at “Loudness” and click to expand.

Click at Auto-Match

After Loudness is expanded, click at Auto-Match. This automatically adjusts the sound balance.

Apply Preset

Apply Preset

With Preset, you can easily adjust the sound to your liking.Click Preset in Essential Sound to select your favorite preset from a variety of Presets.

Ducking function

Using Ducking function

If use Ducking function, you can turn down the volume of the BGM only in the narration part.

① Select the BGM clip and tick at Ducking under Essential Sound

② At Duck against, select Dialogue.

③ After adjusting the volume reduction and fade time, click Generate Keyframe.

Keyframe was created

In this way, the keyframe is automatically generated and at the narration part, the volume of the BGM audio is lowered.

This concludes the explanation on how to edit with Essential Sound!


How is everyone doing?

Did you understand today’s lecture?

See you again for the next lecture!

See you soon! Bye bye!