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Today, I will explain audio track mixer operation.


Let’s begin!

Let’s start!

Display method for audio track mixer

Display Audio Track Mixer

Select WorkSpace Audio -> Select Audio Track Mixer. Don’t mistake it for Audio clip mixer.

Audio Track Mixer Operation

Clipping meter

Over-leveling display

When playing, the clipping meter may turn red as shown in ① and ②.It indicates over-leveling and causes noise to crack.

Modify Volume

Modify Volume for the all sequence

You can adjust the volume for the entire sequence by dragging the volume button here.Turn down the volume when the clipping meter turns red!

Adjust volume for every track

You can also adjust the volume for each track.You can change the volume of the A1 track by dragging the volume button here.

Mute setting for the audio track

Mute setting

You can mute the audio output by clicking the mute button (M).

Output audio only to specific tracks

Output audio only to specific tracks

Click the solo button (S) if you want only certain tracks to sound out.

Adjust left and right audio output

Adjust left and right audio output

Drag this button up and down to adjust the left and right balance of the stereo track.

Let’s take a look at the numbers.100 is the right channel only and -100 is the left channel only output.0 indicates the same output on the left and right.

This concludes the explanation on how to operate the Audio Track Mixer!


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