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Hello everyone!

I’m Ayana, a Vtuber!

Today, I will explain about motion path manipulation and spatial interpolation


Let’s begin!

Let’s start!

The concepts of spatial interpolation and temporal interpolation are basically the same.

If you understand the idea of temporal interpolation, you can easily understand spatial interpolation!

Motion path manipulation

Let’s create a rectangle, set a motion path, and move it.

① Select the rectangle tool.

② Make a rectangle shape

Add keyframe

Set the playhead to the first time you move the rectangle and click this button.

Advance playhead position

Advance the playhead position. You don’t have to create a keyframe at this stage.

Select the selection tool (arrow), move the rectangle

① Select the selection tool

② Move the rectangle to another position

Motion path is displayed

When you move by dragging, the motion path is displayed.

Keyframes are automatically created

Keyframes are automatically created like this.

Change spatial interpolation method

As before, advance the playhead position, and then drag the position of the shape to move it.

Curved motion path

The motion path is curved because the spatial interpolation is done by “automatic Bezier”.

Check the method of spatial interpolation

① Right-click on the keyframe.

② Automatic Bezier is selected from the spatial interpolation method.

Change the method of spatial interpolation

By holding down the “Ctrl key” and clicking a keyframe on the program monitor, the spatial interpolation method alternates between curved “Bezier” and linear “linear”.

Move with Bezier

When you play back with the spatial interpolation set to Bezier, the movement becomes smooth like this.

This concludes the explanation of the motion path operation and spatial interpolation method!


How is everyone doing?

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