01 Premiere Pro EN

Hello everyone!

I’m Ayana, a Vtuber!

Today, I will explain how to create animation using keyframes


Let’s begin!

Let’s start!

The “key frame” concept is common when creating animation with video editing software such as Premiere pro and After Effects.

You can create animation by hitting “keyframes”.

This is a common function among various video editing software, so let’s keep it in mind!

Apply effects

First, apply the effect to the clip.

Guassian Blur

This time I will use Guassian Blur.

Create Keyframe

Click a button like a stopwatch

Click the stopwatch-like button to the left of “Blurness” in the Effect Controls panel. A keyframe will be added at the playhead position.

Add keyframe

① Move the playhead to a slightly advanced position.

② Change the blur value.

③ The key frame is automatically set.

Add keyframes in the same way

① In the same way, move the playhead to a position slightly ahead of the previous one.

②Change the blur value.

③The key frame is automatically set.

Three keyframes were created

I was able to create the key frame in this way.

Blur gradually increases and gradually decreases

The blur level smoothly increases from 0 to 50 between the first and second keyframes, and then the blur level smoothly increases from 50 to 0 between the second and third keyframes.

Now you have an animation using keyframes!


How is everyone doing?

Did you understand today’s lecture?

See you again for the next lecture!

See you soon! Bye bye!