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Hello everyone!

I’m Ayana, a Vtuber!

Today, I will explain how to correct color with Lumetri Color


Let’s begin!

Let’s start!

To perform color correction in Premiere Pro, we will use a tool called “Lumetri Color”.

If you use Lumetri Color, even beginners can easily perform color correction, so let’s try it!

Preparation for color correction

Use Lumetri color and Lumetri scopes

① Select the “color” workspace.

② “Lumetri Color” allows color correction.

③ In “Lumetri Scope”, you can see various waveforms and scopes about colors.

First, let’s start with basic color correction!

Use this video material

This time we will change the color of this video. Here, color correction has not been applied yet.

Basic correction has white balance and tone

First of all, let’s look at the “basic correction” from the Lumetri colors!

There are two main types: “white balance” and “tone”.

Adjust white balance

Move the “Temperature” bar to the right for warmer colors, and move it to the left for cooler colors. Move the “Tint” bar to the right to move it closer to magenta, and move it to the left to move it closer to green.

The color temperature is low, and the color is adjusted toward the green.

I tried lowering the color temperature, making it closer to green.

Next, let’s look at “tones”!

Change contrast

You can change the overall brightness with “Exposure” and “Contrast”.

Increased the contrast

This is what happens when the contrast is set high.

Change saturation

Saturation allows you to control the vividness of the color.

Increased saturation

It looks like this when the saturation is increased.

Use tone curve

Change Curves

Let’s change the “RGB curve” in “Curve”!

S-shaped is basic

For high contrast, make the curve S-shaped like this.

The contrast has increased

The S-curve makes the bright areas brighter and the dark areas darker.

Use Look to change the color of the entire screen

Let’s look at the “Creative” item in Lumetri color!

Unlike the basic correction, “Creative” allows you to make more aggressive adjustments to the overall tint of the screen.

Use Look

① Let’s change the Look.

②You can change the strength applied.

Look applied

This is what the Look looks like!

There are many other presets in Look, so please give it a try!

Now we can do color correction with Lumetri color!


How is everyone doing?

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