01 Premiere Pro EN

Hello everyone!

I’m Ayana, a Vtuber!

Today, I will explain some basic effects.


Let’s begin!

Let’s start!

Among the effects used in Premiere Pro, the effects that are provided as standard such as “Scale” and “Position” are called “basic effects”.

View basic effects

Let’s take a look at the “basic effects”!

Select clips

First, select the clip for which you want to display the “basic effect”.

The basic effects are displayed

Select “Effect Controls” from the tab on the upper left source panel.

Now you can see the “basic effects”!

There is another way to open it.

Another way to open

①. Select the Effects tab.

②. Select a clip.

③. Then, “Effect controls” is displayed on the upper left!

The screen layout is optimal for editing effects, so it’s easy to use!

Explanation of each basic effect

List of basic effects

This is a “Basic effect” item. Let’s look at each one!

Change position

“Position” allows you to change the display position of the clip.

Moved position to upper right

The display position of the clip can be freely changed in this way.

Move anchor point

In utilizing the anchor point, the movement or rotation of the position is performed with reference to the “anchor point”. Please keep that in mind!

Initial position of anchor point

This is the anchor point. The initial position is set to the center.

Scale change

“Scale” allows you to control the size displayed on the screen.

I tried reducing the scale

I tried setting the scale to 50 with the anchor point placed in the center of the initial position. You can see that the scale is shrinking around the anchor point.

Change opacity

Next, let’s change the “opacity”.

Keep in mind that “the less the opacity value, the greater the transparency”!

Opacity 30%

I tried setting the opacity to 30%.

What is the effect of anti-flicker Filter?

“Anti-flicker Filter” can reduce the flicker caused by fluorescent lights, but it is not very effective.

This concludes the explanation of basic effects!


How is everyone doing?

Did you understand today’s lecture?

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