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Hello everyone!

I’m Ayana, a Vtuber!

Today, I will explain about the editing functions of Legacy title


Let’s begin!

Let’s start!

Legacy titles have many editing functions, but this time, I would like to focus on the ones I want to keep!

In the second half, I will also explain how to create a template for the title you actually created!

Legacy title edit screen layout

Legacy title edit screen layout

The edit screen for legacy titles has this layout!

① You can select the tool.

② You can align the positions of the characters.

③ This is the preview screen.

④ You can select a preset style.

⑤ You can make various settings for character appearance.

Editing Legacy titles

Now, let’s actually edit the legacy title!

Vertical Type Tool

Select vertical writing tool

Select the vertical writing tool from the upper left of the window.

Vertical text

When you actually type in the characters, they are inputted vertically like this.

Many editing software does not support vertical writing of text, so this function is nice.

Area Type Tool

Select type tool on path

Select “Area Character Tool”.

Text written using the area text tool

It is a tool that allows you to type in the square area created by dragging.

It is useful when typing long sentences!

Path Type Tool

Select Path Type Tool

Next, Select “Path type tool”.

Text written using the Type on Path tool

You can enter text along the curve created with the Pen tool.

There are many other tools out there, so give it a try!

Text alignment

Let’s look at the feature that aligns text positions!

Center text

① Select the text.

② Click both Vertical Center and Horizontal Center of Center.

Centered text

The text will move to the center of the screen!

Align multiple texts

Next, let’s align the positions of multiple texts!

① Select both the text “Test 1” and the text ② “Test 2”.

③ Click the Horizontal Center button at Align.

Please note that this button cannot be clicked unless multiple texts are selected.

Aligned text

This will horizontally align the two texts in the middle position.

Distribute text at equal intervals

Distribute text

Next, let’s align the three texts.

① Select the three texts.

② You can click the “Distribution” button.

Horizontally distributed text

If you click the “Horizontal center” button from “Distribution”, the distribution will be at equal intervals in the horizontal direction.

Distribute is used to distribute the distance between paragraphs

Align is used to align the position of the text on the screen

Be careful not to get confused!

Distributed vertically

If you click the “Vertical Center” button, it will be distributed vertically at equal intervals.

Please note that “Alignment” will not be valid unless you select two or more texts and “Distribution” three or more.

Character decoration

Character decoration

Now let’s talk about the appearance of letters!

① Select the text you want to change.

② We will make various changes in the “Legacy Title Property”!

Change opacity

First, change the value of “opacity”. Let’s lower the number!

Transparent text

Then the text will be transparent like this!

Lowering opacity increases transparency.

Change Width

Change the value of “Width”.

Width was changed

Then you can change the width like this.

Change height

Change the value of “Height” in the same way.

Width was changed

“Height” can be changed.

Rotate text

Let’s change the value of “Rotation”.

Rotate text

Then you can rotate the text.

Change font

You can change the “font” here.

Font changed

The impression changes a lot when you change the “font”.

Change kerning

“Kerning” allows you to adjust the space between characters.

Kerning changed

I tried to widen the space between letters.

Next, change the color of the letters!

Change color

It can be changed with “Color” in the “Fill” item. You can apply various coating methods such as solid coating, gradation, and bevel in “Fill Type”, so please give it a try!

Color changed

I changed the color like this

Add Strokes

With strokes, you can emphasize the characters by adding borders. If you edit videos on YouTube, be sure to keep it down!

Now, let’s select Outer stroke

Stroke properties

Then the stroke properties are added like this! You can make changes in the properties. Try changing the “size” and “color”!

Strokes added

Strokes make the characters thicker and easier to see.

Editing of the legacy title is now complete!

Template text design

From here, we will make a template of the edited text design!

Template text design

① Select the text you want to template.

② Click to the right of Legacy Title Style.

Select New Style

Name new style

This will bring up a window like this. After deciding on the name, click the “OK” button.

Template added

Then the template will be added like this!


How is everyone doing?

Did you understand today’s lecture?

See you again for the next lecture!

See you soon! Bye bye!