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Today, I will explain how to change the link to files.


Let’s begin!

Let’s start!

Replace footage

The link source file of a clip is called “footage”. This time I want to change the link destination of the clip to different footage! This allows you to replace the contents of the clip without changing it!

Right-click the file whose link you want to change.

First, right-click the file whose link you want to change.

Replace Premiere Pro footage

A menu like this will appear, so select Replace footage.

Select file name by checking Rename clip to match Premiere Pro file name

① Select the file to replace.

② If you want to change the clip name according to the file name, check “Change clip name according to file name”.

③ Finally, click the “Select” button.

Premiere Pro file link change completed

Then the contents of the file will be replaced! The clip name has also changed.

Now you can change the link of the file!

How to relink broken clips

Next, I will explain how to “relink” the material that is “broken”.

Premiere Pro clip broken links

This is the “broken link” state. This happens if you change the location of the source files. Changing the file location does not update the referenced path. This is the cause of “broken links”.

This is a common problem, so the solution is very important!

Change link source file location

Premiere Pro clip link source file location change

First, let’s change the file location of the link source of this material.

Premiere Pro current file location

This is the current file location.

Premiere Pro file location change

I moved the files to a different location.

Automatic recognition of broken links

Premiere Pro Automatic recognition of broken links

And when you open the screen of Premiere Pro, such a window will be displayed automatically. Premiere Pro automatically recognizes broken links.

① Select the clips you want to relink.

② Click the “Locate” button.

Change path

Premiere Pro View path

① The last path is displayed in “Last path”.

② Find the modified file location.

Premiere Pro Find files

When you find the file, click it to select it. You can select the parent folder where the file exists!

Premiere Pro Find files

① If you check “Show only exact name matches”, it will only search for exact file names. If you have not changed the file name, check it!

② Finally click Search.

Premiere Pro relink completed

When the search is complete, the new path will be displayed! The relink is successful! Click the “OK” button to return to the work screen.


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